“NSAL is the perfect way for me to use my good fortune to give time, money,
and expertise to the development of young dancers.”
— Bonnie Crosby, dancer and choreographer, NSAL member, former chapter president

NSAL members are passionate about the arts, encourage young artists in the development of their talents through the various activities of the organization, enjoy the company of like-minded arts-lovers and serve as arts advocates in our communities. Members express a particular interest or interests among the following which are offered as a guide to involvement in our various activities.

Our volunteer family serves the mission of NSAL in so many different ways. We are confident you will find a perfect fit for your talents in supporting these amazing young people. Please also click here to see our Chapter Calendar of Events in our 2016-2017 Program Year.

Please join us. For further information about becoming an NSAL Greater Arizona Chapter member, please contact us at Attn: Membership Chair and view the application form.

“NSAL . . is much more than just financial assistance. It is a source of strong motivation and encouragement to pursue our desires to create, sing, dance . . . “
— Daniel Kanu, artist, Winston Scholarship Winner